Brunssumse Oktoberfeesten

De oudste Oktoberfeesten van Nederland


Brunssum Oktoberfest 2024: heaven for Austria lovers

This year marks the 20th edition of the Brunssum Oktoberfest, also known as the oldest Oktoberfest in the Netherlands. The 2,000 visitors per evening come especially for the unique, Austrian programming of the party. We interviewed organizer and presenter Danny Trommelen:

Danny: “Are we really the oldest October festival in the Netherlands? Well, we once placed a call asking if anyone knew of an Oktoberfest from before 2004, but that was not the case. At that time, my father and his friend Fred (who has since passed away) started this initiative. Just like me, they are huge Austrian fans and big fans of the music from the Zillertal where you will find well-known bands such as Die Schürzenjager or the Zillertaler Haderlumpen. They really wanted to bring those big names here at the time.”

Big names from the Zillertal

“Since then we have been programming all kinds of well-known bands from the Zillertal. Because we have been coming to Austria for thirty years, we have even become friends with a number of bands. No complicated contracts, just a call, that’s how it works here. This applies to everyone we hire or work with us. The Austrian bands play their own big hits here, supplemented with well-known party songs. That is why we have almost no beer tables, but mostly standing places. Through this specific programming we have really built up a name and created a unique concept. That is why we experience no competition from other Limburg October festivities, for example.”

Lovers of Austrian music

Danny: “We always conduct a survey among visitors and it shows that on Saturdays only a quarter of visitors come from Brunssum itself. Lovers of Austrian music come from far and wide. Think of visitors from Belgium, but also a few hundred visitors from the Randstad. These include both private individuals and companies. The hotels here in the region are immediately fully booked. Austrian music lovers, mostly 40+, love seeing such great bands for only 22.50 euros. There are always people who come for the first time and say: how wonderful it is here, I will come again next year! In the summer I will meet several visitors to our party again in Austria.”

Oktoberfest Brunssum is inspired by Austria

Festzelt, drinks and beer

“In our beautifully decorated tent, because for me that is the basis of an Oktoberfest, we are still allowed to tap from glass beer mugs. We serve Limburg Alfa beer and of course you can also get snacks such as schnitzel and bratwurst. With us you really come for the music, not to get completely drunk. In twenty years we have only had one incident. Everyone also comes in beautiful traditional clothing as standard. That’s just a given here.”

Party weekend for the whole family

Danny concludes: “At the moment, three quarters of the program is Austrian, supplemented with regional acts. Many young people will also come on Friday and we will deliberately program a combination of regional artists in the après-ski, schlager and carnival styles. This year, for example, John Tana and Das Tirol Team are coming. However, we also program one Austrian act on Friday. Saturday is our main day with Austrian names such as Fetzig’n and Ursprung Buam. Sunday is family day with Palemiger Spatzen.”

Order tickets

The Oktoberfest in Brunssum always takes place the last weekend of October. In 2024, this will be from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 October. View the complete program and buy tickets on the Oktoberfeest Brunssum website .




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